About Me And My Challenge To You

My name is Andrew F

sleeping disordersI myself just like many of you have suffered sleeping disorders. I wanted to start a website to inform everyone that there are ways of dealing with theses sleeping disorders.

My History With Sleeping Disorders

  • While I was in the Marines, i suffered from a small case of Insomnia.
  • I have managed it since it still comes and goes but its a lot easier because i know how to deal with it.
  • I’m currently taking care of my dad who is a retired veteran and has sleep apnea.
  • I’ve had to learn to help him and other family members with it for the past couple of years.

My Challenge To You

As my website grows to cover more then one sleeping disorder, i want you to get the help you need to beat your sleeping disorder.

If you have a sleeping disorder like me that will never go away, i want you to use my website to help make your life easier.

Thank You For Reading
Andrew F

PS. If you have any question you can email me directly to asleepdisorders@gmail.com